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Welcome to East Lansing Roller Derby! We are very excited that you’ve made the first step towards an incredible new experience. ELRD has an open enrollment policy, meaning that anyone is able to join during anytime of the year. However, there are times in which it is easier and provide a more dedicated experience for new skaters. Bi-annually ELRD hosts our Fresh Meat Boot Camps. These are 6-8 week, that are 100% dedicated to teaching basic and beginner skills. During this time, our vetted training staff works with you one on one to develop the minimum skills necessary to skate safely and to play the sport of roller derby. Your safety will always be our number one concern. If you have skated previously, you will be invited to attend a practice so that coaches can assess your current skill and safety. It must be proven that you can pass the WFTDA minimum skills test before you will be eligible to bout.

Our organization strives to promote an unbiased, positive, motivational, structured training and instruction program, filled with competitive spirit, provided in a safe environment all while creating the culture of tight knit family group. We like to think of our organization as the Mom and Pop shop of Greater Lansing area roller derby community. A familiar, unique, personalized, genuine, family-like experience, that gets the job done professionally and well.

No experience is necessary to become an integral part of this organization. If you give us your dedication and hard work effort, ELRD promises to give you our uncompromised attention and support to help make you the best roller derby player you can be. We do this regardless of size, shape, or skill level, everyone is invited and welcomed!

Legal First & Last Name
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Derby Name
This should be the derby name you would like as part of ELRD
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Go by something short for your names? Rather be called a legal name than your derby name or vice versa? Please let us know what you prefer to be called.
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Jersey Number
Please provide, in preferred order, jersey number options you would like. As long as there isn't any conflict with another number on the league, it should be a-ok! ELRD does require that your number be 3 digits or less. 2 digits are preferred.
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WFTDA Insurance #
Are you currently insured via WFTDA? If so, please provide your current WFTDA number so we can request a transfer. If you are transferring from a league that did not have WFTDA insurance, please contact Jahrmageddon to obtain instructions for applying for WFTDA insurance (
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Email Address
This should be the email where you would like league communications to go to (email is our primary means of communicating with you).
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If you have a Facebook, please share with us so we can make sure we have the right you. We have some informal communications that is done through Facebook, however not required.
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