GoldMint Twitter Campaign

1. Your Twitter account should have at least 250 real followers. We use Twitteraudit to check it.
2. Tweets and comments must be in English.
3. You need to make at least 3 retweets and 3 comments a week during the campaign and no more than 5 retweets and 5 comments a week. Or else you will be unable to participate
4. We will count only 1 tweet and only 1 comment per day.
5. Hashtag #GOLDMINT must be included in each retweet. We will not count retweets without it.
6. No spamming! Read our news, blog, and whitepaper to gather the information, but do not copy/paste content from there!
7. Retweets about GOLDMINT with #GOLDMINT are included
8. Comments under tweets from @Goldmint_io with #GOLDMINT are included

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