Internship at the International Diplomacy Platform

We are exceptionally pleased to invite you, our friend, to be a part of our global network at the IDP.
The HR Department has reviewed the application sent by our staff concerning your interest in becoming the new associate at the International Diplomacy Platform. An obligatory rule for every new member is going through an internship stage, during which you will accomplish certain tasks given by your future department.
The tasks will be sent to you via your Slack group or E-Mail. During the internship, time is of the essence, and all obligatory work that will be displayed in our common calendar should be completed before the given deadline. It will directly influence the outcome of your internship.

Your tasks and effort will be aimed at satisfying the needs and interests of the International Diplomacy Platform. It will consist of contacting our clients, negotiating new partnerships and bringing in new advertisement campaigns suggested by our Media Department. More concrete tasks will be provided by the department you will be linked to, and will be obligatory to accomplish.

Further details concerning your department, terms and contact info will be sent to you after the approval of your form. We will be glad to have you at the IDP. Good luck!&
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