OWASP NZ Day 2020 - Diversity and Financial Aid Fund - Application
Please provide us with some information to help us understand your needs and include you in the funding.
Approvals will be sent approximately weekly, beginning 20 December 2019.

Find out more about how this fund works at https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_New_Zealand_Day_2020#tab=Diversity_Fund.

Applications will be treated in confidence by the OWASP NZ Day Committee.
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We are unable to consider full support for travel from outside New Zealand at this time. For international travellers, support (if provided) will be limited to training waiver, accommodation, and airport taxis in Auckland.
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We acknowledge that there are often systematic things that discourage participation for many groups of people in the tech industry, and we are especially keen to reach out with assistance to these groups as part of this financial aid program.
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For which training class would you like to receive a fee waiver/discount?
Please indicate your first, second, and third choices, if applicable. If full fee waivers are not available for a selected one-day or two-day class, a discount of 50% (for one-day), or 25/50/75% (for two-day) may be offered.
Building Secure APIs and Web Applications (2 days, Weds-Thurs)
Mobile Security Testing Guide Hands-On: Android Edition (1 day, Weds)
Mobile Security Testing Guide Hands-On: iOS Edition (1 day, Thurs)
Bootstrap and Improve Your SDLC with OWASP SAMM (1 day, Thurs)
Security Uno: A Fun Way to Threat Model (Half day, Thurs)
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What assistance would make it possible for you to attend? *
We realise that this can be tricky, as flight costs, etc., do change over time. But, if you can outline what sorts of things you need support with and your estimate of how much money you'll need for those, that helps us in our funds allocation. We can usually tweak things further as needed upon your acceptance. For example: "I live in Wellington and need help with flights and accommodation. A return flight looks like it will be about $350, plus $38 for the airport buses. I need one night of accommodation. A hotel room looks like it will be about $170 for one night."
Thank you!
We aim to review submissions as they come in, and will contact you for clarification where needed. The date of our next batch of approval emails is at the top of this form. We look forward to seeing you at OWASP NZ Day!
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