Participation in the small grants programme
Work on climate change adaptation and resilience has generated a vibrant community of academics and non-academics in the global South. This community has an annual cycle of key touch points that include Community Based Adaptation (CBA) Conference, the Gobeshona Conference and the Development & Climate (D&C) Days. These events allow this community of practice to come together with tremendous energy at regular intervals, build new relationships, and work together on new ideas. However, establishing continuity within projects, ideas or relationships established during such events has proven to be difficult.

Through the small grants programme, we propose to create greater sustained collaboration among southern-based groups of academics and practitioners through targeted investments and grants to promote locally-led adaptation and resilience.

If you are a change maker and an efficient team player, please fill up the form to participate in the small grants programme and move one step forward to avail a grant worth of 5000 USD per group to implement your ideas.

Please note, your application wont be granted if you are not a registered Gobeshona participant!! If you haven't registered for Gobeshona yet, please log on to to register first and then
proceed with filling up the form.
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