HPX community survey
The only required question is the first one. The more you fill in the better we can make HPX useful for you!
Do you use HPX? *
How did you first hear about HPX?
When did you first hear about HPX?
How long have you used HPX?
I mainly use these features of HPX
I use (or have used) HPX in
I am
What do you appreciate most about HPX?
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What do you like the least about HPX?
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What would you like to see improved in HPX?
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If you stopped using HPX, what was the reason?
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How would you rate our documentation on the following topics?
Don't know
Couldn't find any documentation
Severely lacking
What does HPX do?
Getting started, compiling, installing
Task-based programming (futures, then, dataflow)
Parallel algorithms
Components, actions
Low-level functionality (custom thread pools, schedulers, the resource partitioner etc.)
API reference
Examples and tutorials
Is there something that we haven't documented at all that you'd like to see documented?
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Have you felt welcomed in the HPX community?
I mainly interact with the HPX community through
Do you find the IRC channel easy to join?
If you could choose where to have the HPX community, which one of the following would you choose?
Have you contributed to HPX?
What could we do to make it easier for you to contribute to HPX?
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In what non-code ways would you like to or could you contribute to HPX?
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I think HPX is
I think HPX is
Getting worse
Getting better
Free form feedback to the HPX developers
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