RVC Pandemic Tech HyperAccelerator Mentor Application
Application Deadline: October 30, 2020

Thanks for your interest in mentoring for the upcoming 12th cohort of the RVC HyperAccelerator! This version will be centered on Pandemic Tech companies. That means that they are creating technology that innovates in how we identify, mitigate, and respond to pandemics to create resilience within organizations and communities. We focus on the themes of Know Faster (pandemic surveillance, detection, GIS, Population health and AI), Fix it Faster (Rapid drug development platforms, devices, disinfection, contact tracing, tools, mobile and telemedicine), Make Work Work (Teleconnection, collaboration, business continuity, EdTech, employment tech enabling remote work), Do Better Next Time (Communication, Supply Chain, Food Security, process and manufacturing resilience).

RVC seeks the best possible match between participating companies and mentors to ensure that all parties involved get the most out of this program. Each prospective mentor is therefore asked to submit this application. Once your application has been reviewed by the mentor selection committee, you will be notified regarding your acceptance status.

-Each mentor must be available to donate a minimum of one full day of their time between the days of Monday, November 9th and Friday, November 13th 2020.

-Each mentor is asked to prepare for their particular day and become familiar with the topics and deliverable of their assignment by reviewing the provided program materials folder ahead of time.

-Each mentor must be familiar with their mentee company before their assigned day. (The RVC Team will provide pitch videos, website links, and executive summaries beforehand)

-Have Fun!
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