OPT-IN Form: Community Builders in International Development

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in being part of a global network of international development, peacebuilding, and humanitarian practitioners working across different regions, institutions, and contexts who work in the design or management of networks and communities of practice.

Our intention is to co-create an organic, collaborative, inclusive space to support each other in this important work by: 

  • Offering a safe space to learn, share, and exchange ideas and good practices for building effective communities and networks, especially communities of practice (CoPs), and 
  • Advancing the field of CoP building by collectively addressing challenges and identifying ways and practices to improve the implementation and effectiveness of CoPs within the sectors. 
We started this initiative in October 2023. Since then, close to 200 people from 50+ countries on six continents expressed interest in participating.

Would you like to join? Please review the Community Charter we co-created, and if it resonates with your needs and aspirations, fill out the form below!  

Community Stewards (so far): Claudia Teixeira, Zarko Palankov, and Ray Eisenberg

Important note on data privacy: the information you provide through this form will be used to create a community roster and will be shared ONLY with other people who have opted in. 

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If you spend time in multiple countries, please select the one you consider your 'base'. 
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You don't see your language in the list? Please contact us, and we'll add it! We realize there are more than 7,000 languages around the world. We attempted to include in this list the most widely spoken languages, but likely missed some. 

We understand some people may consider themselves as native speakers of multiple languages. For the purpose of this form, please select one. 
Which language(s) are you comfortable in participating in this space? 

As we strive to build a truly diverse, global community, we realize the importance of language access and inclusivity. While the main community language so far is English, we are asking about language preferences to understand the various needs, and thus, attempt to address them as we continue walking together on this journey. 
Please provide the name, a 1-sentence description (and URL, if applicable) of any or all communities, or networks you are part of.
Our intention is to co-create an organic, collaborative space to support each other building effective communities and networks in international development, peacebuilding and humanitarian sectors. If this aspiration resonates with you, what is one thing you are hoping to get from this community? What is one thing you might wish to offer this community? *
Any other comments, questions, ideas, or anything else you'd like to share at this time? (Feel free to leave blank, if none.) 
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