2018 Michelob ULTRA Sequoia Cycling Classic HOST HOUSING VOLUNTEER
The race community is asking for your help by opening up your homes to help some out of the area racers have a place to stay one or two nights memorial weekend.

As a host, your only obligation is to open up your homes to as many athletes as you are comfortable with, I try to make sure all the athletes have a bed but sometimes they are ok with a couch or something on the floor. We also would like you to allow them access to your kitchen and a safe place to store their bikes. Anything else you want to do to make their stay more comfortable is entirely up to you.

As the race gets closer and I get requests from riders to match them up with housing appropriate to their team size. There will be anything from teams of 8 down to single riders or groups of 1-2. If you have a neighbor or two who might be interested this helps with keeping large teams in the same neighborhood since they usually drive up in 1 vehicle.

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