Accountability Workgroup: Organizational Demographic Survey
Please note: This Workgroup was initially formed in response to anti-Blackness in our institutions and community. As such, Part One of our Organizational Demographic Survey centers BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) identity and specifically Black identity in our organizations over the last five years. We intend this data to expand and grow more nuanced to include more identities as our work progresses. This is a first step.
The first portion of this survey gathers information about staff (breaking out senior staff and executive leadership) and board (breaking out executive committee members) by taking snapshots of February 2016-2020. The last portion of this survey gathers current numbers for the same groups as of July 2020 as a measure of the impact of COVID on these positions.
For each February, you will be asked to provide numbers that you are certain of and that do not make assumptions about how people identify. If you find yourself guessing about any numbers, please instead respond "unknown." There is the option to add additional details and information for each response as necessary.

To support the completion of this form, here is a worksheet template that can be used to gather numbers in one place before completing this Google form:

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