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💋🌷Tangled IN LIES 🌷💋

• ✔️Billionaire romance, ✔️Boss/Assistant
• ✔️HOT, ✔️edgy, angst-filled

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Life is too short to waste dwelling on the dark memories.

With her tragic past firmly behind her, Cassandra is ready to start anew. When the young mother is offered work at Fading Ink, she grasps her second chance at happiness with both hands and soars to take on the challenge with her high heels and bright red hair.

Mark Lawson might have wealth and his own empire to rule, but his tortured past, full of scars and wounds, still haunts him. He learned at a very young age that monsters live in the limelight, not in the shadows. When Cassandra enters his world, he doesn't expect that, in a blink of an eye, his curiosity will turn into an obsession, and obsession into fierce love.

But Mark’s past is catching up with him, and his secrets could hurt the only person who soothes his battered soul and fills him with love.

Sparks will fly, and hearts will collide … but malice could tear these star-crossed lovers apart before they have a chance to seize their happily ever after.

Tangled in Lies is a standalone romantic suspense featuring a brave and determined single mom, and a tortured hero like you’ve never read before.

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