Crooms AoIT Teach-In November 12, 2019
This is a great day to interact with high school students in the classroom. Come share career related information, hot topics in the IT arena, motivation topics, college preparation topics, hobbies, travel, etc. Our students and teachers enjoy meeting their community leaders. All information should be submitted by November 1, 2019. You will get email notifications and a schedule no later than a week prior to the event. Thank YOU for taking an interest in our program!
Light refreshments for the morning and a complimentary lunch will be served for our guests.
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You can check which classrooms and subject areas are available here. If you don't specify one, we will assign one that's a best fit for you.
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Be a "Teacher for a Day" at Crooms AoIT on November 12, 2019. Come out and share valuble information with our young people.
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When you come on campus, you will use your drivers license to check in. Your visitor's badge will be printed and must be worn at all times on school campus.
Come for a period, half a day, or the full day.
If you elect to be a speaker all day, you will be provided a 45 min break period in addition to lunch. A complimentary luncheon will be provided for all speakers.
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Thank you for stepping into the classroom to share great information with our students and teachers.
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