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Our ground beef comes from cattle that are pasture-raised on native grasses in the Frenchtown area all summer, fed a diet of grass and alfalfa hay in winter, and we supplement their diet with locally-raised, non-GMO barley for the last few weeks before we butcher, just to improve flavor and take away the "gamey" or "earthy" flavor, without substantially affecting the Omega-3 fatty acid content of the meat. We do not use routine antibiotics or growth hormones, instead choosing to put the extra time and effort into management practices that keep cattle naturally healthy and thriving.

Unlike most burger in the stores, we don't just use the tougher cuts and scraps to make burger, but instead use the whole animal, including all the cuts of meat. As Carly's dad said the first time he tried one of our burgers, "I just ate a ground steak!"

The meat is locally processed and comes frozen in flat, easy-to-stack 1-lb vacuum-sealed packages. We are licensed by Missoula County Health Department for resale.

Prices and pickup options are listed below. Payment will be due at pickup.

We look forward to putting great-tasting, healthy meat onto your table soon!

Thank you for your business!
Jim, Carly, & Clay Lewis
Triple L Livestock

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GROUND BEEF (frozen in 1 lb packages). Please indicate the number of pounds you wish to purchase. Less than 10 lbs, price is $6/lb, and you don't need to pre-order. Regular prices are as follows: 10# = $55, 25#= $135, 50#= $250, 100#= $480 *
We also have a limited supply of some other beefy items. Please click if you are interested in any of the following. If we have it, we'll add it to your order.
The following pickup options are currently available: *
Payment is due at pickup. To minimize contact, we prefer exact change in cash. *
A lot of folks have been asking us about just purchasing steaks. We do not offer single cuts, but do offer a whole, half, or quarter (split half) of a beef that includes steaks, roasts, etc. Unfortunately, we are totally sold out til late fall/early winter. If you want us to email you this fall with details and opportunities to reserve a whole, half, or quarter, please indicate that below:
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