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During COVID-19, Boo2Bullying schedules virtual school assemblies. Will you commit to participating in a minimum of 2 school assemblies in Los Angeles Riverside (including Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley) or San Bernardino County during the 2020 - 2021 school year? *
Will you commit to attending Desert's Got Talent TBA) and at least one more event (TBD) during the COVID-19 pandemic all events are cancelled. *
With the current pandemic and COVID-19 attend a Boo2Bullying orientation virtually, scheduled by appointment. *
Do you agree to attend a mandatory one day orientation in Palm Springs date TBA *
Will you commit to posting about Boo2Bullying a minimum of once per month and a minimum of once per week during the month of October? *
Do you agree to participate in ongoing training (either online and/or in-person) on a regular basis as needed (not to exceed 2 times per year)? *
Will you commit to fundraising (as simple as a Facebook or social media birthday fundraiser) *
In addition to speaking at this time virtually with our school assemblies, are there any other areas in which you are most interested in? *
Are there specific days and times (virtually) that work best for you to volunteer? *
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