Change A Negative Thought
This mini questionnaire will help you interrupt a negative thought and create a new, more positive thought instead.
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Situation/Event - What situation or event is happening that triggered the negative thought?
Feelings/Emotions - What feelings or emotions are coming up for you?
Catch the thoughts- What thoughts created the emotion/feeling? For example: If you're thinking "This always happens to me" you might find yourself responding to that thought by feeling hopeless or powerless. What thought(s) is behind your feelings?
Check the thoughts- Are there any cognitive distortions (exaggerated or dramatic thinking, all-or-nothing thinking) taking place? These thinking patterns do not serve you because they are only adding to a sense of powerlessness. [If you need more information about this, feel free to email me]
Challenge the thoughts- What thoughts would be more accurate? For example: If your distorted thought was "This always happens to me," a more accurate thought would be "I remember when this happened before." Or "All men/ women just want to use me" can be replaced with "I have been used by some men/women and it's distorting the way I see this new person."
Change the thoughts- How will I respond differently next time? Make a list of a few thoughts you can think in this situation next time that will be more empowering for you, and more likely to support your personal growth.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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