Request to use the EPMA, ESEM, or SEM
All users interested in using the electron microprobe (JEOL 8200 EPMA), the environmental scanning electron microscope (FEI XL30 ESEM), and/or the scanning electron microscope (JEOL 6490LV SEM) must complete this form. The form needs to be completed and submitted for each analytical session. The purpose of this form is to inform the lab manager of your analytical goals.

This form also serves as an agreement between the lab manager, the user(s), and the account holder/faculty advisor. You (the user and advisor/account holder) agree to use the instrument only for the purposes described in this form.

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Provide a brief description of your project. Focus on the pertinent analytical details. *
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Which instrument(s) is/are being requested? *
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Are your samples polished? (Polish is required for EPMA and EBSD. A polish is recommended for high-resolution X-ray maps and BSE images) *
If your samples need to be polished, and are not polished by the beginning of your shift, you will be asked to polish your samples at the expense of instrument time. You will be charged for the shift.
Are your samples carbon coated? *
A carbon coat is required for EPMA. It is recommended for EDS and electron imaging in SEM/ESEM. Lab personnel will coat your samples for you. Your samples need to be dropped off at JGB5.106 at least two (2) days before your session. If samples are not coated on the day of your shift, the lab manager will coat your samples, but at the expense of your instrument time.
If your samples are not carbon coated, provide an explanation (e.g. coated with other material, not coated, etc.).
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Do you need high or low vacuum mode? *
If using the ESEM in low vacuum mode, which detector(s) do you need? Do you need the Peltier cooled sample stage?
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If using the EPMA for quantitative analyses, does an analytical file need to be developed?
Note that semi-quantitative chemical data must be collected for your samples before an analytical file can be developed.
Provide a concise description of your analytical goals: *
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For quantitative EPMA, list the minerals/materials to be analyzed and a list of desired elements. Also include a summary of semi-quantitative data (e.g. % of end-members, wt.% oxides, etc.): *
Type "N/A" if not applicable.
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Please indicate the amount of time needed to complete the project. *
Multiple shifts/days can be reserved with approval of the lab manager. Will the instrument be needed infrequently over a long period of time to complete the project?
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