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A brand new, one of its kind online marketplace is launching Summer/Fall 2020 and YOU are the first to hear about it.

Are you a vendor looking to gain more exposure?
Want more sales and more website traffic?

We used feedback from shoppers and vendors and combined them to create Canada's first and only online mommunity marketplace.

How will this website work? Customers will be able to browse the e-commerce website and its categories to find products. Furthermore, each vendor will have their own custom link taking users RIGHT to their storefront page. Example:
Your store page is completely customizable including logo, banner, products, and more.

Do I need to have a website? Nope!! This marketplace will be your website! you'll get your own domain name and you need no experience in creating a website. Fun, right?

Is there a fee? $5/month and no listing fees! The only other fee you'll encounter is when you make a sale, at which point we’ll deduct typical processing and transaction fees.

How will I get paid from my sales? You’ll get paid via direct deposit through Stripe Connect.

Is this an application form? Am I automatically approved once I submit this form? Not quite. But you will be the first to receive a direct link to our super easy online application form once it goes live.

What happens once I apply to your website? If approved, you’ll be added to a waitlist for on-boarding.

Why is there a waitlist? We built this website from the ground up and want to ensure a smooth experience for vendors and shoppers alike. That being said, we’ll only onboard 10-15 vendors at a time.

Who will be approved? In contrast to websites like Etsy, we are not strictly handmade; our website caters to shops who both create and curate. will house vendors from a wide range of categories such as; women, kids, home, arts & crafts, jewelry and more.

Can MLM’s join? Unfortunately, no.

Benefit of signing up early? Less vendors = more eyes on your products. We'll be advertising this on all platforms and driving shoppers to our website daily. Our homepage will always have a wide assortment of products. That means those first few vendors will gain momentum QUICK. The better your items sell, the easier it is for you to make it on our homepage.

I already have a website. Do I still need this? We think so!! Imagine this scenario: 25 vendors share a link to their personal link in one day. All that traffic is now YOUR traffic. Plus, of course, we'll be driving traffic to the website daily AND sharing our weekly "Top Picks" from Vanessa and Stefania.

Do I need to upload my items? You will need to upload your items but we made the process suuuuper easy. Simply fill out a CSV form with your items and upload to the site and voila! Start selling in minutes.

Will you still have virtual markets? Of course!! The only difference? They'll be WAY easier since all participating vendors will already have a page on the website.

Can I be a part of the virtual markets if I'm not signed up on your website? Unfortunately, no. We received over 300 survey responses and the MAJOR pain point for shoppers was all the back and forth between different websites. We worked really hard to alleviate that issue. If a vendor is registered on then they can participate in future virtual markets but if they’re not on our website then unfortunately they can’t.

Can I use my market credit towards this? runs off an automated server so we can’t apply any of those credits. But, not to worry - it looks like Ontario is gearing up to open soon and we’ll be back to Trio Sportsplex hopefully by the fall.

Are you still hosting in person markets? Absolutely. We’ll still be at Trio Sportsplex once we feel comfortable with large crowds. We hope by fall we’ll be back.

Will they still be monthly? Our world changed so drastically over the last few months and many people have gotten so comfortable shopping online. This is definitely something we’ll have to address closer to our reopening.

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We are close to entering a very important phase called the “Beta Phase”. This is where we onboard real vendors and have you test out the website. Vendors who are part of our beta phase are guaranteed to be with us right from the beginning, meaning you’ll never need to be on the waitlist and can start selling as soon as we launch!! We’re looking for 10-20 vendors with a wide range of skill sets. Interested? We'll personally reach out to selected vendors within a few weeks. *
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