TEDx Raleigh 2022 THEME IS "Bridging the Divide" Speaker Application

Thank you so much for your interest in speaking at TEDx Raleigh, we are pleased to learn about you! We receive a very large number of applicants each year. To help manage our process, please note BEFORE YOU APPLY:

1.This event is live and in person. Speakers are required to be physically present at the event. This is not a virtual event, please make plans accordingly.
2. Kindly note, we are not accepting applications about life coaching or selling books. We are looking for new ideas/inventions in a variety of subjects (medical, research, technology, social, etc.).
3. We have two speech coaches you will be required to meet with (virtual).
4. Our fact-checking team will need information from you.
5. Priorities are given to Raleigh residents/people from Raleigh.
6. Applicants/Speakers are required to answer emails promptly.
7. Deadlines and helpful procedures will be shared with you if selected. Please be sure to read them.


Thank you in advance for your help and for applying to share YOUR idea worth spreading!

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TEDx Raleigh - Sunday November 6, 2022- Sheraton Hotel - Downtown Raleigh
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To ensure quality of content, we have due dates for scripts, fact checking, presentation and resources guidelines. I understand that chosen speakers will have to comply with our deadlines and procedures. Failure to do so will result in possible elimination. In circumstances where deadlines can not be met, speakers may make arrangements with team members to make schedule adjustments. *
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