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Tell us about  yourself. *
What´s your typical day like? *
Las siguientes 5 preguntas corresponden al nivel A1- A2
_______ your name?
Where  __________ he come from? *
 María and I ___________ Spanish.
Choose the correct sentence:
  We _________ lovely three weeks in the south of Spain last year.
Las siguientes 5 preguntas corresponden al nivel B1- B2
My bag is _______ than I expected. *
You should read this novel – it´s been __________ recommended by all the critics.
Did you have any problems _________ our house?
Please don´t forget to ring me when you ________ home
 Don ´t forget to turn _________ the  lights before you leave. *
Las siguientes 6 preguntas corresponden al nivel C1- C2
I had no idea that you were planning to come – you ________ me.
I wish I _______ for that course last year. Now they have no spots available. *
When Glenn left university, he ______ his own company. (started) *
The findings of the survey _________ contrary to what was expected.
Assume means:
Approach means:
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