Teacher's Aide Application
1. Student is expected to be punctual and maintain good attendance.
2. Student is expected to follow instructions given by staff or teacher.
3. Students is expected to be proactive in looking for opportunities to aid (help) in the classroom/library/office.
4. Student is expected to be respectful of staff member and ALL OTHERS (including students) with whom s/he works. S/he is expected to focus on staff/teacher's requests not be a distraction to others (students).
5. Students will need to go to Mrs. Kuglar Website under student aide and fill out necessary paperwork to receive credit.
6. Grades will be determined by self-reflection sheets submitted online as well as from the assigned teacher/staff.

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By typing my name below, I understand that becoming a Teacher's Aide at Early Light Academy will be an elective choice with a grade of "Pass/Fail." I have read the expectations for teacher's aides information above and will meet or exceed them. If I do not, I understand that I will lose the privilege to be a teacher's aide for the remainder of the school year. *
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By typing my name below, I give my permission for my son/daughter to apply and/or become an aide for the following school year. I understand that 1) becoming an aide counts as an elective class choice; 2) my students will receive a "Pass" or "Fail" grade for this class; 3)if my student does not meet the expectations, s/he will owe the privilege of being an aide. *
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