Application for a Dealer Space at CoNZealand
Use this form to apply to sell goods in the Dealers Hall at CoNZealand. Before you complete the form, please read the Information for Dealers page.

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Please read the 'Information for Dealers' overview at before filling out this form.
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(If application is approved, the Business Name will be listed on the CoNZealand website prior to the conventon.)
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Please give a description. For example: new or used books, books our company publishes, comics, posters, toys, games, clothing, jewelry, candles, soaps, craft supplies, pre-packaged food.
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Dealer table costs $NZ350 (inclusive of GST) for the full five days of the convention. Each table is 1.8m by 0.75m (Approximately 72 by 30 inches), and comes with a table cover. There are two chairs. You may purchase one or two tables.
Tall rack or backdrop *
Are you planning to bring a rack or erect a tall (over 2 metres) backdrop for your table space?
Optional kit/services
We hope to offer additional kit and services to Dealers but have no pricing information yet. You are not committing, but please indicate which items might interest you, understanding there would be an additional charge for these.
Consolidated Shipping
Are you likely to participate in a consolidated shipment of goods to NZ from the U.S. or Australia? This will not be a free service, but we hope sharing the cost of this service will be economical for those who use it.
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Are you an attending member of CoNZealand?
Questions or Special Requests
Do you have any comments, questions or special requests for us?
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Policies and Expectations *
Please read and agree to abide by the CoNZealand Code of Conduct and read the convention Privacy & Data Policy. If invited to trade in the Dealers Hall, your Business Name and a link to your website (if provided) will be posted on our website, and the Business Name may be listed in our publications.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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