Girls Rock Campaign Boston Summer 2017 Intern Application
Thank you for your interest in interning at Girls Rock Campaign Boston (GRCB) this summer! Interns at GRCB are young women, ages 16-18, who have previously participated in GRCB Summer Sessions for two or more summers, demonstrate exceptional maturity and commitment to the mission of GRCB, and are interested in experiencing GRCB in a new way.

If you have not previously participated in GRCB programs you are still welcome to apply. We require that you supply a reference and will contact you for a phone interview.

Interns assist in instrument instruction, band practice, assemblies and support crew. Your primary roles will be Assistant Instrument Instructor, Session Support Crew. Interns will not receive instrument instruction, but will be in the GRCB Intern Band and will play as the opening act at the Showcase. It is important to be able to follow the direction of coordinators and staff, be willing to learn how to set up each practice space, and move equipment safely and efficiently.

Interns will also be working, with the help of a volunteer, to help build a Media Literacy workshop to be presented on the Thursday of the session. More details and other activity details to come!

Assistant Instrument Instructor:
Our girls possess a varying range of age and skill level, and many have never touched a musical instrument in their lives. Now it’s time to teach them what you know. You will work with the Volunteer Instrument Instructors to do some collaborative large-group teaching, as well as small-group sessions (generally 3-5 students per teacher).

Session Support Crew:
This is an essential role in making GRCB a smooth sailing ship! Throughout the week, the Support Crew Volunteers and Interns be called upon to help with check in/out, serving lunch to 50 volunteers, merch sales, lunch supervision/presence, morning and afternoon assembly, front desk shifts, general clean up including sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, taking out trash, bathroom clean-up, gear maintenance, moving gear, practice space set up, Showcase Dress Rehearsal assistance, and other tasks that help everyone have a great day at GRCB!

Please know that we have limited spaces for Interns during Summer 2017 and may not be able to accommodate all applicants this year. You may only intern for one session but you are more than welcome to attend as a participant for one session and intern at the other.

Recommendation letters and proof of internship are happily granted upon completion of your internship.

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