Loud.us Freelance Writer Application
Loud.us is looking for additional writers to join their already large writer network. We have several upcoming writing projects ranging from politics to fleas to medical.

A little about Loud Interactive (Loud.us)...
Loud Interactive, LLC was founded in 2011 by Brent D. Payne a former Tribune Co director (he was the SEO Director at Tribune for about 5 years). Loud Interactive written content over the years for large brands like Groupon, Cars.com, DoorDash, Hagerty Classic Car Insurance, Essilor, Northwestern Hospital and startups such as DECKED and many others. We currently have over 400 freelance writers with about 80-150 of them active at any given time. That said, the demand for writers within a specific beat is becoming increasing critical to maintain content quality for our clients.

More about the role...
All of the content you'll be asked to create will be longer-form content 2,000-3,000 words and the topics and subtopics will be supplied along with brand and voice documents plus detailed instructions for each project.

What's the pay like?
Instead of dictating pricing on our end, we are going to let you dictate the pricing on your end. Yes, you can name your own price. That said, be competitive or you may price yourself out of opportunities.

So, start by filling out this form. We will be in contact with you soon with specific opportunities.

Update: We have immediate need for writers in the real estate space and pickup truck accessories space for Q4. If you have specific writing experience in either of these two categories, please say so in the appropriate field of this form.
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