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Hello Again Neighbor,
I’m SO excited that you have decided to attend this Home Safety Information Session. I would love the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of #BecauseCommunityDeKalb by asking you just a few questions.

You can complete this survey without providing contact info, however, if you make answer choices that require follow up, contact info would be VERY helpful for followup.

Let’s get started!
- Bret
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1. How did you hear about the Home Safety Info Session? *
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3. Do you use Social Media? (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) *
3. If YES, which social media platforms do you use? Select all that apply.
4. How comfortable are you with using social media? (3 = I think I do OK) *
Bret, I have NO idea what I'm doing/Not Interested.
I'm a Pro, Bret!
5. Would you be interested in a Training Workshop specifically about "Safe Social Media Use"? *
6. What other kinds of Training Workshops(paid) or Info Sessions (free) would you be interested in? *
7. Please share any notes about Training Workshops or Info Sessions not covered in prior questions.
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