Led By Love - Placentophagy Contract Form
Placenta Encapsulation is the process of dehydrating, powdering and filling capsules for the mother to ingest for hormonal and nutritional benefit.

*Full disclosure, my personal opinion - I have felt the incredible benefits of ingesting placenta.
It helped me overcome intense postpartum depression, nightmares, spinning thoughts and balanced out my hormones whenever I felt emotional. It increased/boosted my milk supply many times throughout my babies first years. I’m so thankful that I felt, firsthand, the incredible benefits of powerful placenta and I am humbled that I can offer this service*

Limitations and Disclaimer
I am not a licensed medical professional. I am not able to diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any health condition. Services and fees are for the preparation and encapsulation of your placenta, not for the sale of the pills. No specific benefits or effects are promised. Benefits will vary from person to person.

Service Agreement
Following birth, I will obtain the placenta and begin the dehydration process. I will return the capsules to you 1 – 3 days after pick up.

Hospitals will not release a placenta unless Hep B & C blood work is completed - get this blood work done PRIOR to delivery to avoid complications.

Client Responsibility
It is your responsibility to notify me when you go into labor so I can make arrangements for pick up. Failure to notify me may result in a delay in the encapsulation process and may cause a decrease in nutrients, hormones and other benefits. Discuss with your care provider PRIOR to the birth, that you intend on keeping your placenta.

The placenta bucket or bag must be double bagged and put over ice immediately! Gallon ziplocks work wonderfully doubled.

Encapsulation (Pills) Fee
$275 - I must receive 100% of fee before I begin processing your placenta. Once the placenta is in my possession, no refunds will be issued.

Frozen Cubes Fee
$100 - This is a nice option for those who can’t afford the capsules or who are willing to make a smoothie instead of taking capsule. Placenta is cut into cubes and put in ice cube trays, filled with a bit of water then frozen.

Pick-Up / Drop-Off
Traveling up to 30 miles from 11934 is included. If I have to travel outside of this radius, a $50 travel fee will be added. (i.e., Stony Brook Hospital is 28 miles away – no fee)

In the event that your placenta is unavailable (sent to pathology, mishandled by medical staff or not placed on ice/in fridge) you must notify me immediately and a refund may be available. We can discuss using fee towards a postpartum visit / overnight help / breastfeeding support session. If you choose to not receive the capsules, after I have obtained the placenta, NO refund will be given.

Please notify me, if you have any allergies (latex, food, etc..), or if you had or were suspected to have an infection during labor/delivery.

Freebies and Add On’s!
- Cord keepsake; umbilical cord, dehydrated in the shape of a heart or swirl
**Cord keepsake has been DISCONTINUED.. research has found the highest amounts of oxytocin are in the umbilical cord and membranes - I dehydrate and process everything; nothing is discarded**
- Laminated placenta print with baby’s name, birth date, time and weight.
- Tincture +$25; cube of raw placenta, preserved in alcohol. This can be used indefinitely once capsules run out. Also can be used by the child throughout life or saved for menopausal period of mother’s life, refilled for life.
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