Does your workplace support staffers who are expecting/raising children?
Scroll to see the questions. Please only take this survey if you have employment experience in Pakistan.
Monthly income (in rupees)
How long have you worked with your current/last employer?
How would you describe your job?
Does your workplace provide paid maternity/paternity leave?
Are you familiar with the maternity/paternity leave policies at your workplace?
Are you satisfied with the maternity/paternity leave policies at your workplace?
How long do you think paid maternity leave should last?
Would you feel comfortable telling your colleagues and superiors if you were expecting?
Do you think your office is supportive of staffers bringing their children to work?
Does your workplace have day-care facilities?
Who is the primary caregiver of your baby at home? (If applicable)
Did you have to leave work after having a child? (If applicable)
If both you and your partner have day jobs, who takes care of the child/children in your absence? (If applicable)
Did you or your partner have to deprioritize work after the birth of your child/children? (If applicable)
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