Storefront Improvement Grant Application
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Please fill out this form in full to apply for the Storefront Improvement Grant program.
Upon submission your application will be reviewed by MPC staff.
MPC will contact you to schedule a site visit to discuss next steps.

If accepted to the program MPC will send a contractor to visit your business and discuss your project.

● The contractor will submit a quote for both MPC and the merchant to review
● If the quote is accepted by all parties the contractor will begin the permitting*
process, if required, and a date for installation will be scheduled
● MPC will disburse funds to the contractor directly, the merchant must pay the
remaining balance (if any) to the contractor by the agreed upon date
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How much are you willing to contribute to the project? Please select an option below. For your reference, on average it would cost $5,000 for a licensed contractor to replace the frame and fabric of a ten food wide awning. In some instances the amount of money granted by MPC may not cover the entire project. For example, if an awning project is quoted at $5,000 and you are a longtime business owner, eligible for $2,500, you would need to contribute the remaining $2,500. *
Storefront Improvement Agreement
By e-signing my name below I take full responsibility for the improvements made to my business at that has been supported in part by Mosholu Preservation Corporation. It is my responsibility keep such improvements to my store in good working condition. I understand that the funds disbursed by MPC will go directly to the vendor completing the project. I understand that in an instance where the total project cost is more than the grant funding for which I am eligible, I am financially responsible for that balance.
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Thank you for filling out the Storefront Improvement Grant Application. Please make sure all information is correct and complete before clicking submit. Someone from our office will be in touch with you upon receipt of the application. Thank you!
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