Terp Runners Road Scholarship
As spearheaded by Vice President Dan Singer, we are instituting a program to encourage our members to seek out road races in addition to, or instead of, our traditional competitions. Thus, 2019 will be the inaugural year of the Terp Runners Road Scholarship, where we will subsidize half of your entry fee for a road race that our members want to compete in. The scholarship will work as follows:

1. You must notify the club of what race you want to run during the first month of the semester (So before October 1st for the Fall semester) through email, at which point you commit to running the race and we provide you with the funds for covering half of the registration fee, as well as oversee your registration process
2. You are limited to one race per semester, not including road races that we attend as a team (i.e. Frederick Half Marathon, NIRCA Nationals Half-Marathon Championship)
3. Members must pay the semester/year competition fee in order to be eligible
4. Members must commit to and attend the minimum of two club fundraising activities (i.e. concessions).
5. If, for any reason, you do not end up running the race OR fail to attend the club fundraising activities, you will be required to refund the club for the funds that were allocated to cover half of your race fee.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to abide by the above rules, and you are financially responsible for covering any funds as specified above.
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Prompt: In no less than 5000 words, please explain why you will be running this race. Why this specific race, why this distance? Why are you running? What are you running away from?
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