St. Pats Break Out Registration
Before registering please note that unlike “Escape Rooms” students are not trying to escape a physical location, they are instead trying to solve a series of puzzles to open locks and reach an end goal. In this case the "Pot of Gold" will hold a chocolate prize. Please advise if this is not suitable for your child and we will find an alternative.

The game works best with children that can read, but as long as there are older children there to assist them they are welcome to join.

· Registration is limited and is accepted on a first come, first served basis.
· The ideal group size is 4-6 people.
· If you register as an individual, you will be placed in a group of 4-6 random children.
· If you register as a group you will work together with only those in your group - others will not be added
· Larger groups of 7 or more will be divided up into 2 separate groups, but both groups will be working on the same game at the same time.
· A minimum of 4 children are required for an individual group to run. If we are unable to run due to limited enrolment you will receive a full discount.

· Individual Registration: $8 per child.
· Small Group (4-6 people): $35 per group
· Large Group (7-12 people): $60 per group

Payment is due in full upon registration. Refunds will not be issued if less than 48 hours notice is given. Special circumstances may allow for a "rain check" to be issued.

BULLYING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and anyone acting inappropriately will be removed from game play! Kids will be reminded that this is a GROUP activity and ALL group members should be permitted to participate.

Please arrive 5 minutes before your game begins. This way you will be ready to start at your selected time. You will be given 40 minutes to BREAK OUT! If you arrive early, please remain in the "coat room" so as not to disturb game play. If you are late, the amount of time you have to BREAK OUT may be reduced.

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