Hi, I'm looking for any individuals who identify as a queer Asian male for a portrait project documenting the queer Asian male experience and what it's like to navigate the world with these intersectional identities. I created this project due to my own struggles growing up gay and Korean American and how complicated it was/is. I hope this project can help other people like me who dealt with the same struggles feel less alone and inspire some hope and pride in the queer Asian community.

Please be patient with me as I'm trying my best to photograph as many people as I can! However, due to time and location based restrictions, I may not be able to get to you but please know I am absolutely trying my best. I'm so incredibly thankful for every single one of you who are reading this and signing up. Thank you <3

Daniel Seung Lee

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Some ideas: Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like? What is your relationship with your queer and Asian identities? How would you describe yourself today? What are you proud of? What inspires you? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
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