Basic Arduino: Intro to Coding
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// Why Sensors?
// Analog vs Digital
// What's the deal with breadboards?
// LEDs and Light
// Sensor Input
// Serial Communication
// Temperature sensors
// The Nature of Code
// I2C devices
// Advanced Serial and Processing
// Closer look at FOR() loops
// Power for Arduino
Deposit and Payment Info
Course Price: 530,000₩

Class size is limited to 6 students, and to begin, a minimum of 3 students are needed.
To reserve your spot for this class you must pay a deposit of 100,000₩, refundable until 4 days before class begins.
A spot will not be reserved until payment has processed.

The remaining 430,000₩ must be paid at the start of the class.
Banking Info:
Hoets Paul Roald Julian
Shinhan Bank
For slightly larger class sizes, discounts can be arranged - I am very open to discussing and making these classes work for all involved! ^^
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