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Group Systematic (Broadcast) Surveys: (Centre and Lycoming Counties ONLY) Volunteers meet either the night before, or the morning of the survey and simultaneously search the same area. The search site will be divided into sections and volunteers (individuals or pairs) will play goshawk calls and search for goshawks in their section with the goal of completing one whole unit in a full day and completing half a survey unit in half a day.

Individual Systematic (Broadcast) Surveys: You will be assigned a group of specific broadcast points to conduct surveys on in a county near you. You go out at times that fit your schedule and follow the survey protocol and report back.

Individual Historic Area Searches (Directed Surveys): You will be assigned an area to search where we know goshawks have nested in the past. You go out at times that fit your schedule, follow the survey protocol and report back. (After May 13 you can also broadcast goshawk calls to help improve detection rates).

Group Systematic Survey (Full Day)
Group Systematic Survey (Half Day)
Individual Systematic Survey
Individual Historic Site Search (Directed Search)
What counties would you be willing to search in?
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Please list any Raptor ID, off-trail navigation, or other skills/concerns you have that will allow us to choose the best search site for you.
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What device will you be using to conduct your search?
We will provide GPS units for people helping with group surveys. For individual surveys we will need to send you a geographic point and you will need a way to find the point and survey the 500m-1000m area surrounding it.
Group Survey Availability
If you checked yes to any Group Systematic Survey please let me know your availability. If weekends don't work for you please check off days of the week that might.
Weekend of May 13-14:
Weekend of May 20-21:
Weekend of May 27-28:
Weekend of June 3-4:
Weekend of June 10-11:
Other days of the week you may be available:
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Please review the training videos and we will be in touch shortly with dates and locations for searches!
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