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The search for breeding goshawks will continue in early April, 2018. Please answer the questions below so we can keep your needs and interests in mind while preparing for next season. We will contact you ASAP with a schedule of volunteer opportunities.
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Individual Survey: You will be sent instructions, GPS points, maps and data sheets for a site in a county of your choosing and you can conduct the survey as your schedule allows. You will need to obtain your own equipment such as GPS unit or smartphone App, broadcasting equipment(needed for surveys conducted May-August) and upload data to the project after the survey is complete.

Group Survey: Other volunteers and technicians will be surveying the same site, or nearby sites at the same time. You have the option to hike with a partner or on your own and all survey equipment is provided (GPS units, data sheets, broadcasting equipment).

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Please list any Raptor ID, off-trail navigation, or other skills/concerns you have. This information will be used to select survey sites that best fit your skills and it will also help us decide topics to target during our 2018 training *
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Please review the training videos and we will be in touch shortly with dates and locations for searches!
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