Blue Chip Jr NBA COVID-19 UPDATE & Season Survey
It is our goal to continually improve and evolve the basketball support system for the youth in our community who love the game. COVID-19 has profoundly impacted our lives and although we want to get back to the sport we love ASAP, as an association, we feel that it is more important to be responsible, conservative and calculated instead of impulsive.

We are waiting for guidance and info from the CDC, state, schools, Jr NBA and the rest of the basketball community. Many youth sports organizations have cancelled seasons and others (primarily organizations using private facilities) have started or plan to restart activities.

CURRENT STATUS as of Noon 5/22/2020. The Florida Governor and Jacksonville mayor have said youth sports and summer camp activities can resume. No info received info from SJCS on gym facilities or guidelines. Supposedly there are currently 2 confirmed cases of children hospitalized at Wolfson's in Jacksonville. St Johns County deaths still stand at 5. Duval at 36. Hospitalizations look to be steady or decreasing but we need time to see if there will be an uptick or spike due to the recent relaxation of restrictions.

If facilities become available, safety guidelines are established that are able to be reasonably executed and enforced as well as any legal factors resolved then we will start the Jr NBA season and also potentially have some summer camp activities.

This survey is your opportunity to remit honest feedback on our situation and how you think we should respond as well as how you would respond to decisions we may make. This info that you remit is very important, appreciated and will help us in our determination on how to proceed.

The questions in this survey are hypothetical and meant to help us gather decision data, but makes no legal implication as to the decisions that have or will be made.
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What is your name? *
What is your relationship to Blue Chip? *
When have you been involved with Blue Chip? *
How many seasons of Blue Chip basketball has your player participated? *
How many TOTAL seasons of basketball has your player participated? *
What other youth sports programs are/have you been involved? If aware, how are they responding to COVID-19 and what is your opinion of their response?
How would you feel if next week we started to: (CDC guidelines mean; Temp checks, Masks, Distancing, Regularly disinfecting people and surfaces etc) *
Extremely Uncomfortable
Extremely Comfortable
Have outdoor practices/games with NO regard to CDC guidelines
Have outdoor practices/games ATTEMPTING to follow CDC guidelines
Have INDOOR practices/games with NO regard to CDC guidelines
Have INDOOR practices/games ATTEMPTING to follow CDC guidelines
If we hypothetically resumed basketball activities next week. Attempting to follow CDC guidelines but understanding that people are untrained and the difficulties with getting participants to follow rules. *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
We would participate
I am afraid of my child getting sick
I am afraid of getting sick
I want to participate in watching/playing NO need to follow recommended guidelines
I want to watch games online instead of in person.
I am willing to volunteer to help screen participants/spectators and enforce guidelines
I am willing to wear a mask and social distance
I want to participate in watching/playing following recommended guidelines
I would sign a release of liability if COVID contraction was traced back to basketball activity.
I would be willing to pay a surcharge to subsidize the potential additional cost of PPE, supplies, personnel, legal of following recommended guidelines
BCBA should cancel the season and provide full refunds
BCBA should cancel the season (refund minus prepaid non refundable costs (gym, uniform, CC processing fees)
BCBA should only credit towards future services (full refund only for HS Seniors who are moving out of the area)
If Bball summer camp was offered I/player would participate
If the Jr NBA season is offered during the Summer Break would you participate? *
If the Jr NBA season is offered 2 weeks before school starts when teachers are back and the gyms are available and we can play a compressed season with 2 games/week would you participate? *
Are you planning to participate in the normal Jr NBA 2020 Fall Season? *
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