Equipment Liability Form - Trial Services
Please read the terms & conditions before you summit your application.

1. Equipment must be returned in good condition and must be devoid of permanent damage including but not limited to structural damage and markings beyond reasonable wear and tear, as determined by the Lender.

2. The Borrower is responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement of any or all of the “Equipment” that is damaged, lost, confiscated, or stolen from the time the Borrower assumes custody until its return to the Lender at expiry of this agreement. Use/Disclaimer: The Borrower shall be responsible for the proper use and deployment of the “Equipment”.

3. The Borrower shall be responsible for training anyone using the “Equipment” on the proper use of the “Equipment” in accordance with any usage procedures. If the Borrower is unclear about their responsibility in this regard, they are obligated to inquire to the Lender with regards to such procedures.

4. Equipment must be returned no later than 7 working days after notification by our customer service on the above agreed upon date, unless otherwise arranged with the Lender.

5. For all the equipment are subject ability, if any change or arrangement our customer service executive will contact you via phone-call / WhatsApp or email to inform you before we process your application.

6. Borrower must agreed to pay the security deposit and return the equipment in good condition and before we process the full refund for the security deposit.

7. Security deposit will be take 14 working days to process for refund. Refund payment will be make by bank transfer by BABY PARENTING HUB SDN BHD and you will get notification via phone-call / WhatsApp or email.

8. The rental services have at least 5 days. If initial 5days lease period is exceeded, the renter will need to pay for the remaining days charges and administration service fee.

9. The borrower returns the equipment after lease, and purchase the following product within 14days will receive the following Cash Voucher. (Cash Voucher cannot be transferred / exchanged for cash or purchase other brand products not listed).
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