LINC Youth Survey
Living Independence Network Corporation (LINC) is excited to hear from YOU! Please fill out the form below and help us in our process of shaping the LINC of the future!

No questions are required so please feel free to answer as many or a few as you would like. An open feedback field can be located at the bottom of this form.

If you would like a LINC team member to follow up with you regarding your form, you can supply us with your contact information. All feedback is anonymous unless you indicate your name in the final question.

Thank you for taking the time to do this. You opinion and feedback is valued by our team.

Contact Info/Questions: OR call 208-336-3335

Would you participate in a social group for ages 16-26 if it were offered in your area?
Please Check all that apply
Would you be interested in a Youth Leadership Program?
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What county do you live in?
Would you be interested in meeting new people?
Do you know others you would invite to participate?
Would you be interested in learning about Independent Living Skills?
Would transportation be an issue for you to participate?
If we had an activity that cost $10-$15.00 would you attend?
How many times a month would you want to meet?
What time of day would be best for you?
Open Comment or Idea Section
Optional Contact Information
If you would like a LINC team member to follow up with you directly on this information please provide you contact information. Or you are welcome to email LINC directly at and we will reach out to you.
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