Press Registration for Anime Milwaukee 2018
Welcome respective medias and publishers to another exciting year at Anime Milwaukee!

This is the 11th year of Anime Milwaukee (AMKE), and we are proud to be providing the Milwaukee area with entertainment geared towards the anime and gaming communities. Last year we had over 9,500 attendees join us. AMKE is a three (3) day convention that operates at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Wisconsin Convention Center in Milwaukee.

Press access for Anime Milwaukee is a powerful tool, so, in order to prevent press passes from misuse, we limit the amount of badges any single publication may have, unless prior appropriate justifications are made with the Press Department Manager.

As we here at Anime Milwaukee issue press passes to respected members of the media free of charge, there will be follow-ups with each organization to assure we’re receiving an equal trade in valued publicity for your free admission to our event.

Upon of approval, confirmed medias will be published on our Press Page of the website.

Are you interested in helping us push our event on your respected medias? Let your audiences know that you’ll be here.

Email address
Press Rules & Regulations
At-convention press registration will be permitted this year at Anime Milwaukee; however, we highly encourage you take advantage of pre-registration. Individuals registering for press passes must represent a legitimate publication or media company.

Anime Milwaukee will be accepting web-based, broadcast and print media publications. Freelance photographers and documentary film or video makers will NOT be granted press passes as they are not a circulation media. Social media 'pages' or 'groups' are not recognized by Anime Milwaukee as a primary outlet for reporting of our event. Your publication must be one of the accepted media types on our form, it is acceptable if your publication uses social medias to advance circulation of your reports.

Press Application Guidelines

All press applicants must provide the following credentials to validate themselves as a member of a press outlet.
Failure to supply our requirements will result in denied press pass access.

- Business card (Present on-site when picking up your badge)
- Letter of introduction and intent on your publication’s letterhead (Emailed as an attached document or present on-site)
- The below media-type, specific requirements (Email or present on-site):

All final publicly published reporting will be submitted upon their release for archiving, marketing and quality control assessments (see below). All submissions must be made by March 1st, 2018.

Be sure to sign up for the press release mailing list, so that you will be the first to know when something new is coming in for Anime Milwaukee!

We do encourage pre-convention hype publicity, however DO NOT take or borrow logos on our website or social medias to promote our event, we have a created a promotional logo specifically for this purpose and it is available upon request.

Press Room Location & Hours
LOCATION: GILPATRIC – Lobby level of the Hyatt Regency


Manditory Press Sessions
As a perk to attending as members of the media, we offer a unique opportunity for exclusive guest press sessions only available to members of the press!

Press Sessions will be held Saturday and Sunday in the Press Room.

Each publication will be required to sign up for and attend a minimum of two (2) Press Sessions, however there is no limit as to how many sessions you can attend. Failure to register and/or attend these sessions will put you and your publication in bad standing with our department and potentially the convention as a whole.

We ask that you be kind, courteous and respectful to our guests, staff and other members of the media during these sessions.

Quality Control & Follow-ups
Press department staff will be performing post-convention follow-ups with all attending publications. Staff will review all convention reporting to determine that services or coverage provided was performed in equal to or access of the cost of convention badge(s) to Anime Milwaukee. Number of badges per publication will be a factor in the assessment. Those who have been determined as providing insufficient coverage will either have to meet additional criteria or be denied press access in future years.

We value fair and constructive criticisms of our event. We do not sensor appropriate, accurate reports of our event, however, we do ask that you do your best to keep the views of our event in a positive light. The reason that Press access remains free at our event is for the purposes of a trade in promotion of our event. Negatively bias coverage of our event may result in denial of press access to our event in future years.

Online publications will be shared on our website as well as our Social Medias as our "thank you" for your coverage, we hope that you gain some more followers.

We welcome any donations of any raw photos and videos for archiving and marketing purposes. In the event that materials are used from a publication, then that publication will be appropriately accredited.

Video and Audio Recording
ANY video or audio recording for Anime Milwaukee staff-organized events (such as the Masquerade, Cosplay Combat Chess, Fashion Shows, etc.) are not to be uploaded to the internet or made available to the public in their entirety. If you wish to use recordings of such events, you must create a highlight clip instead. Any use otherwise is in violation of the Rights held by Anime Milwaukee.
Reserved Seating Policy
Certain Anime Milwaukee events are highly attended and space is limited. Depending on the event, locations may be available for the setup of tripods and cameras. Areas are subject to availability, and, as such, space is given solely at the discretion of the Anime Milwaukee function space room supervisor. Reserved press seating is provided as a courtesy, if at all.

The masquerade will have limited seating, and press members who do not register in advance for this event in the press office may forfeit the opportunity to have reserved seating.

Musical Guests
Rights to visually or audibly record or capture musical entertainment content held at Anime Milwaukee are governed by said entertainer(s) agent, and Anime Milwaukee honors their requirements. This information will be made available at the time of press badge pick-up. Violations of any arrangements in regards to our musical entertainment guests are responded to with severe and possibly legal action by Anime Milwaukee and the representing label.
Please Note
Press membership does NOT gain preferential treatment at autograph sessions
Press membership does NOT qualify a member of the press for preferential treatment at any event over the course of the convention
Reserved seating, IF available, at various events (see Reserved Seating Policy above), is not guaranteed and will be in a designated section when available
Press sessions will be made for various convention guests and a list will be made available on-site.
Press badges will only be available for pick up in the Press Room
Your Rights and Information
Anime Milwaukee does not make public, sell or distribute your or your company’s contact information.
Your information is for internal use by Anime Milwaukee Management Staff only unless otherwise stated in 'optional' fields.

Certain Anime Milwaukee guests may require you to provide information to participate in their press session. Such information will be acquired from you by the guest's agent by methods of an additional sign-in sheet, which will be provided at the convention.

Abuse of press privileges reported to the Press Department is grounds for having press membership and Anime Milwaukee membership revoked. Please conduct yourself responsibly at all times. Violation of any of these arrangements may disqualify requests for covering or attending Anime Milwaukee in future, indefinitely.

If a person feels that their membership is revoked unjustly, they may discuss it with the Press Department Manager and or the Media Division Director. The revocation of a membership is a last resort, and the Press Department will do all they can to be certain that members of the press understand why such actions are necessary and how to avoid them.

Please do not hesitate to ask if there is some part of these policies you do not understand. Members of the press may discuss any questions/disputes regarding these policies with the Press Department Manager.

Anime Milwaukee reserves the right to modify our rules and regulations at anytime without prior notice and may deny you a press pass for any reason. Submitting the Press Registration Form does not guarantee you a press pass for Anime Milwaukee as each submission goes through an approval process as well as requires additional materials.

For further questions, Contact the Press Department Manager at:

Thank you for reading our rules and regulations.

Do you understand and accept the above Press Rules and Regulations for Anime Milwaukee 2018?
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