St. Johns Swapnplay Party Reservation Form
Please fill in ALL areas of the form, and read ALL policies before making a party reservation. Once you begin this form you must complete it within your session.
STEP ONE: Reserve Your Date and Time
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Party Agreement
Duties of Party Contact

o You may decorate the space using tape, please remove all decorations at the end of the event.
o Alcohol is permitted in moderation.
o You are responsible for communicating the rules of Swapnplay, ensuring their are followed. We have them posted throughout the space. Inform your guests to read the yellow signs before entering each room.
o Play in each room must be directly supervised by an adult, for example if three rooms are being used, three adults should be supervising those rooms.
o SHOES OFF, in the playspace side, this goes for adults and kiddos. Hand wash or sanitize before entering the space.
o No food outside of the eating area or the party room.
o Party Contact is in charge of clearing the space and doing any dishes should Swapnplay dishes be used.
o Party Contact is also in charge of making sure that all of the play areas are picked up before leaving as best they can.
o Private Parties guests are limited to 40 total adults and children.
o We ask that you setup, host party and clear space within the 3 hour window granted.
o You will find tables and chairs for adults and children located in the storage closet in the party room. Please return at the end of your event.

*** Important: Visitors may NOT swap out or take items from Swapnplay. Guests are welcome to use the play area but only Swap members are allowed to participate in any swapping.***

Payment can be made by PayPal. Use the PayPal button via this link:
Otherwise check or cash is acceptable. You can mail in payment to 7535 N. Chicago or leave in the black box at Swapnplay if you are a member.
Payment is:
$100 - member
$125 - past member
$150 - non-member
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Set Up and Clean Up Guidelines
Parties can produce HUGE messes so plan in advance for extra clean up time after your gathering.

• A MIMINUM of 30 minutes for set up is REQUIRED. Some parties
require more time so plan accordingly.
• A MIMIMUM of 30 minutes for clean up time is REQUIRED. Some
parties need longer. Please return tables and chairs to the storage closet.
• You are responsible for cleaning ALL areas that your guests use,
including the kitchen and any rooms where play is enjoyed.
• You are responsible for anything that gets spilled on the floor and damages carpet. We will vacuum and assess the condition of the carpet after the party.
• If anything gets broken by you or a member of your party YOU are
responsible for replacing it- this includes kitchen items. If anything
is damaged during a party you MUST contact So-Mai, our
director, ASAP 971-251-0074.

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Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel your reservation contact Jesse immediately.
Cancellations that are made less than seven days before the event will result in a 50% refund of the rental fee.
Do you understand and agree to the Cancellation Policy? *
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