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Zinesters have always had a hub of some kind, a way to connect to zinesters they know and have yet to meet. In the pre-Internet days, it was zine review magazines like Factsheet Five and Maximum Rocknroll. There's a grand tradition of zine fests, and even a few coveted zine-friendly book stores. Nowadays, you can find zines scattered all over the Internet!

We're collecting responses to create a public digital directory of active zinesters in 2020. We hope it can be used to find new zines by theme and location, promote distros and comp zines, and connect zinesters around the globe. It only takes about 10 minutes to fill out!

To be listed in the Zinester Directory, simply fill out this form! Encourage your zinester friends to fill out this form by sharing the link: bit.ly/ZinesterDirectoryForm

Responses to the Zinester Directory Form can be viewed at bit.ly/ZinesterDirectorySpreadsheet


This project is powered by the organizers of Chicago Zine Fest as part of #CZF2020, an online rendition of Chicago Zine Fest. Due to COVID-19, our next in-person fest will be held on May 14th-15th, 2021. More info on #CZF2020 and Chicago Zine Fest 2021 is at chicagozinefest.org
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Please write it as you would like to be listed in the directory. Examples: Dave Roche, Billy Da Bunny, Ker-Bloom, Girls on Film, Neither-Nor Zine Distro, Xerography Debt
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Collective/Multiple Authors is meant to include zines made by multiple individuals, but aren't open to submissions, like a compilation zine.
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If there is a single hyperlink you could give for someone wanting to learn more about your zines, list it here. It could be a link of where to buy, read online, or just see images. Examples include a web shop, website, social media profile, issuu profile, etc. Your answer must be formatted as a URL (https://www....)
Zine Titles *
List the titles of your zines and/or any zine series you have (ex: Caboose, Proof I Exist, King Cat)
Zine Picture or Video
Optional, but encouraged. Provide a link directly to a visual (image or video) of your zines. Examples: An Instagram post of a flat lay of all your zines, a set of images on tumblr of your table set up, an issuu link of your zines to flip through, a YouTube video of you describing your work. Be sure to check that it's publicly available. Your answer must be formatted as a URL (https://www....)
Zine Content: General Genres *
You may select up to three of the following genres to generally describe your zines.
Zine Content: Specific Subjects
Add as any many custom descriptors of your zine content as you like here, separated by commas (ex: wrestling, personal finance, bicycles)
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