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List here up to TWO of your BEST classes you want to take to another part of our globe that showcase YOUR best talent and bring the MOST unique value to gym participants. List Session Title and 50 Words or Less Description for EACH session. YOU MUST LIST EQUIPMENT, and the LESS equipment you propose the HIGHER your chances of success for people at home. *
What are your USPs (Unique Selling Points) that others teaching your discipline don't possess or do? *
Are you currently set up to offer Continuing Education Credits for ACE/AFAA/ACSM and others offering workshops to other fitness professionals? *
When you guest-appear in a club, in ADDITION to teaching a world-class experience, list any additional value or gift you could offer to the participants, such as a chapter from an e-book, collection of recipes, access to past podcasts, or similar gifts. *
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