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Thank you for your interest in HATCH Workshop memberships and private studio rentals. Please fill out the form below so we can put you on our waitlist.

Memberships give you full access to our machinery, equipment, workspaces, gallery shows, and community events. To see a list of our machinery and equipment, visit our website at www.hatchworkshop.org. Memberships will be offered at $125/month.

Private studios are open to the community, regardless of if you have a membership with us or not. Private studios are 10' x 11' and will be $225/month. Six month commitment required as these spaces are very limited. Private studio holders will receive discounted memberships at $105/month.
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Private studio space is limited and artists interested in renting space will be chosen based on a portfolio review. If you have a portfolio ready, please email it to hannah@hatchworkshop.org or include a link to your personal website/online portfolio here.
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How much experience do you have working in the shops checked above? If you checked multiple shops, please explain experience level working in each shop.
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Are you interested in exchanging workshop access for monitoring an individual shop for 5 hours a week? If so, what shop do you feel comfortable in. (Extensive experience in the shop preferred!)
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