Dragonalia Shop 2019 - Orders for Hand-painted Ceramic Mugs, Eco Coffee Cups, Bobble Hats & Dragon Tail Hats and Dragon Monopoly
THANK YOU SO MUCH for ordering items for our Dragonalia Shop.

if you have a child at the school, we would greatly appreciate payment via your school bill. If you have a Dragon School Pupil Code (this is a 6 digit code that can be found on a previous bill, usually the first 4 letters of your child's surname then first initials of both their first and middle name; but don't worry, we always check them for you!), please fill it in below and the tickets will be automatically charged to your school bill at the end of term.

Once you have completed this form you will then be emailed your the details of your order, with the subject line 'Dragonalia Shop 2019 - Order', so please look out for it (potentially in your Junk/Spam folder).

If you have any questions about the Mugs or Cups, please contact kate.curtis@talktalk.net
If you have any questions about the Hats, please contact georgiacha@aol.com

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Please scroll down to order the Bobble Hats & Dragon Tail Hats pictured:
Please scroll down to order Dragon Monopoly:
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Arduus Ad Solem Ceramic Mugs @ £20 each
Dragon School Buildings Ceramic Mugs @ £20 each
Eco Coffee Mugs - All Blue @ £12 each
Eco Coffee Mugs - All Yellow @ £12 each
Eco Coffee Mugs - Yellow with Blue Sleeve & Lid @ £12 each
Eco Coffee Mugs - Blue with Yellow Sleeve & Lid @ £12 each
Dragon Bobble Hats @ £22 each
Dragon Tail Hats @ £16 each
Dragon Monopoly @ £30 each
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This is a 6 digit code: normally the first 4 letters of their surname and then their first 2 initials (e.g. John Robert Smith = SMITJR). To ensure you have the correct pupil code look on a previous school bill, but the school will also check it.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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