PCFA 2017 Leadership Council Application
Please complete this application and send a copy of your résumé to info@pimafoodalliance.org before 11:59pm on Friday, December 15th, 2017.

The leadership council is the 16-member decision-making body for the Pima County Food Alliance. Our monthly meetings are where most of the exciting work and coordination actually gets done. As a group of individuals dedicated to food justice in our community, we discuss project and partnership opportunities, share information, set goals, and strategize about the work necessary to achieve those goals.

Council members commit to a 2-year term upon acceptance, with an average commitment of 10 hours per month (varying throughout the year). This includes monthly Leadership Council meetings, subcommittee meetings, an annual retreat, larger events several times each year, and individual contributions of time. We ask all leadership council members to commit to at least 9 meetings per year and to join one of the subcommittees.

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