The LYL Creators Guild & Start A Blog Challenge: Official Entry & Accountability Form
Thanks for joining our challenge! Your answers below will be made available for all the challenge members to view so that you can see each other's work, connect, keep accountable and help each other out as you build your blogs and writing habits.
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What is your name? *
Enter your first and last name or a pseudonym if you'd prefer to remain anonymous - but using your real name is much more fun!
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What is the focus of your blog? *
Personal journal, health and fitness or whatever passion you decide to focus on. If you're not sure then just put General Exploring
What is your main reason for starting a blog and building a creation habit? What's your goal? *
Change careers, experiment, learn about yourself, etc...
What writing and posting schedule do you plan to stick to? *
i.e. I'll publish a post each Wednesday, or for the more motivated... I'll write for ten minutes every morning and post every Monday and Thursday. This is totally up to you - just give yourself something to stay accountable to. At the very least mention the day you plan to publish your posts on your blog.
What could you most use help with from other members? *
Check all that apply. The goal of this is for all the members to help each other out and trade services based on matching talents with needs!
What talents, strengths and passions of yours could you use to help other members? *
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