The Convent Arts Collective: Residency Application
The Convent Arts Collective is a beautiful communal live/work space in the Lower Haight, home to 24 artists from all disciplines. This is the perfect place for someone who loves communal living or is looking to expand their community. You'll have your own bedroom (possibly with a sink) and art workspace in a house where the kitchen and bathrooms are shared. The collective is host to a variety of gatherings in its large chapel, including music, comedy, film and art shows, yoga, and the occasional artistic party.

The collective has a family vibe and everyone is required to participate in biweekly house meetings, take on a weekly chore, and keep up to date on house communications. We strongly encourage participation in things like family dinners, house gatherings, and collaborations on artistic projects when possible. If you’re a great match for our community, there is potential to find a permanent room when one becomes available.


Our home is a 2-story former nunnery with communal kitchen, dining room, gorgeous chapel, expansive mural garden rooftop, laundry, and a basement filled with art studios and music rehearsal & recording rooms. The Convent is an open and supportive environment in which all artists are encouraged to bring their art practice into our home to utilize our unique and precious resources. We intend to inspire one another in our daily lives as well as inspire our community through our private and public gatherings. Our home is inclusive of POC, LGBTQIA, and GNC/GNB folks.

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We're looking for someone mature, creative, responsible, financially stable and passionate about participating in community. We’re currently seeking vegetarian tamales (vegan ok, omnivores are cool too)who will utilize, respect, and contribute to the space. We have a small, very chill hypoallergenic dog in the space and aren't allowed to have any additional pets (sorry!).

Priority given to folks who are:
* active in an artistic field whether it be as a professional artist, emerging creator, activist, administrator, logistical supporter
* responsible with chores and keeping communal areas clean
* experienced with and excited about living in community

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We'll send a follow up email if we think you'll be a good match for our community.


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