LUCKY, in love by Victoria Monroe
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Book Information
Genre: Contemporary Romance
•stand alone
•second chance romance
•MCs in their 40s

I’ve never wanted much, but what I want seems to be unattainable. I’ve lived my entire life right here in Ocean Creek, dreaming of making the abandoned island property mine. My dream never changed until I met Kace Donovan. We fell in love that summer, and promised each other everything. Suddenly, all my dreams included having Kace by my side. Weeks turn into months, months into years, and eventually I saw almost every one of my dreams turn into reality—almost. While I stand on the property that’s my dream come true, Kace Donovan is just a memory…

The movie I just wrapped is the pinnacle of my acting career. I’ve acquired fame and fortune. I’ve had starlets on my arm for decades. Through it all, I’ve kept almost every promise I made—almost. I was in love once, and I promised Lucky MacIntyre that our goodbye wouldn’t be forever. I promised her I’d come back. I never said it would take twenty-one years…

Will they ever be lucky in love?
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