AZRT Token Airdrop
🎆 What is the AZR Project?

The Azar Project includes three Tokens under the Waves, Tron and Ethereum Blockchains with the Following Symbols:


🎆The Purposes of the Azar Project Includes:
♦️ Introducing Genuine International Azeri Music Worldwide
♦️ Creating a new platform and a new Minnet in Blockchain for Music Activists as a Blockchain Currency
♦️ Interactions in the Crypto
♦️ Easy Access to the Market for Buying and Selling and Publishing Rights
♦️ Easy Access to Domestic and Foreign Concert Tickets
♦️ Creating a new Interactive Platform by Internal Messengers
♦️ Create Dedicated Wallet to the new Azar Platform under its Dedicated Minnet

🎆AZRW Specifications :

ID: 3sPQAC4bnWhzoQyzhUCmhfn8LrRsjRzPYLD2cBSGnyxG
Total: 10.000.000
Decimal: 1
Already Listed in WavesDex

🎆AZRT Specifications :

ID: 1002622
Total: 10.000.000
Already Listed in TronWatch

🎆AZRE Specifications :

Total: 1.000.000
Contract: 0x91c0651bcadf7b6a231a505e552c12058f5dafb4
Decimals: 1
Already Listed Forkdelta and Bitcratic

For Receiving Token you Must do the Following Steps:

1. Join
2. Join and Our sponsor channel:
3. Follow
4. Like and follow
5. follow
6. join
7. follow

Complete the form below to Get FREE 700 AZRT + 10 AZRT for Each Referral.
Referral Code Should be the Telegram Username of your Invitee.

Make sure to Complete the Form Below to Get your tokens from Airdrop!
Anyone who has Entered A Referral ID Will Receive an Extra 50 Tokens
(The first Round has the Capacity of 5000 Participants)
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