2020 Emergency Contact & Info Form for Volunteers
Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering for a Ladies AllRide camp. We couldn't do this without you! Please fill out this form completely and accurately to be registered as a volunteer.

Please note, we do not guarantee that everyone that applies to be a volunteer will be accepted.
Volunteering is fun and rewarding but signing up as a volunteer is not meant as a replacement for registering as a participant for a Ladies AllRide Camp. They are two very different experiences. If your top priority is to improve your mountain bike skills under the instruction of a professional coach in a group of ladies with similar skill levels, be sure to sign up as a participant!
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First & Last Name *
Which clinic(s) are you available to attend as a volunteer? *
If the camp is not listed the volunteer list is full for that clinic. Thank you!
Email Address *
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Date of Birth *
Emergency Contact Name *
Emergency Contact Phone Number *
List any medications you are currently taking *
List any allergies / medical conditions *
List any previous injuries we should know about *
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A healthy, yummy lunch is included in the clinic. We are able to accommodate some dietary restrictions, but not all (due to logistics, we can't make exceptions on this- sorry!). Please let us know if you would like one of the special meals below or select "no dietary restrictions". If we cannot meet your dietary needs, feel free to bring along your own lunch. *
Please list any medical/first aid experience you have.
Ex: Doctor, First Aid, PA, WFR
At some of the clinics we will need volunteers to help with shuttling participants & bikes to the trails in the afternoon. If you have a vehicle that can accommodate several bikes & passengers and you would be willing to drive it at the clinic, please list details below:
List type of vehicle & how many passengers/bikes it can carry
If you are volunteering, please describe your availability. It works well if you are able to commit to volunteer for the entire weekend (Friday afternoon meet & greet, Saturday full day and Sunday full day), but we do have some 1 day shifts or shorter shifts available too if you cannot commit to the full weekend. Thanks!
Example: I would like to volunteer at the Friday evening Meet & Greet & all day Saturday & Sunday. I am available for a short shift Saturday like running a shuttle or picking up/dropping off lunch.
If you are planning to volunteer for a full day shift and want to be on the bike and act as a shadow to one of our coaches, please describe your mountain biking skill level so we may place you in an appropriate group. If you have coaching experience or certifications, please include those here.
Describe your familiarity with the local trails & if you would be able to help a coach with route planning or directions while out on the trail.
If you have volunteered for Ladies AllRide or Grit Clinics before, please list the year(s) and clinic location(s) where you volunteered. If you remember which coach you were with, please list their name(s).
If there is anything else that you would like us to know, please write it here.
If you have any other specialty that might be utilized at our clinics please include it! Example: I am a yoga teacher, skilled bike mechanic, I love to give nutrition talks, etc.
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