Application to 'The Forma Project'
Hope Bay Bible Camp's 2019 Internship
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Our Goal:
We recognize these questions are thought provoking, and may challenge you to consider your story, your personality, your passions, and your deep-held beliefs. This is to help us get to know who you are, more than about 'right' or 'wrong' answers. Your honesty and openness is valuable in helping us prepare well as we embark together on this journey in the Forma Project. Thanks for taking the time to work through this application.
TYPE ALL LONG ANSWERS INTO A WORD PROCESSOR where you can save them, to minimize your own frustration in the event of technical difficulties. Copy and paste those answers into this form.

You will need a Google/Gmail account to complete all the components of this form, as well as to be a student in the internship. If you do not already have an account, you can sign up for free by following this link:

You will be providing three references: pastoral, teacher/employer, and character. Be sure to ask those individuals before providing their contact information.

This form will take you some time, so be prepared with patience and honesty about yourself.
If you get stuck on a question, PRAY to ask God why that one is difficult, and ask Him how to answer.
You can also contact Bobby or Derek if it's really slowing down your progress.

Deadline for submission is November 30th, 2018. If we have not received your application by this date, we cannot guarantee that you'll be considered for this internship project.

Let's get started! . . .

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