Beam n Read Ambassador Application
Beam n Read/ASF Lightware Solutions is a US based, small family business which provides products for creative people who need a hands-free light.

2017 Beam n Read Ambassadors MUST have a blog and be on Facebook. . We are launching an Ambassador Program this summer where a selected group of Ambassadors will get to participate in fun events that will help to promote "Join the thousands who are lighting it up…Anywhere, Anytime…with Beam n Read!". This group will showcase their creativity, how they use Beam n Read products, and will help increase awareness of giveaways and fun activities this group hosts for their followers. We will have two categories of giveaways throughout the year: 1) open giveaways for "your" blog and/or Facebook followers, and 2) giveaways where only Ambassadors can win prizes simply for being an active Ambassador.

Beam n Read Ambassadors are volunteers (unpaid), although they can be an Amazon Associate so long as they adhere to requirements by Amazon (and Facebook) for use of Associate links. Ambassadors retain their own voice and opinions for what they share in any Beam n Read related blog post, or other social media post. Ambassadors will work with a Beam n Read Social Media Marketing Manager (aka Ambassador Lead) to pick themes for events, as well as to schedule such events.

We hope to host monthly events and also want to hear your ideas for promoting Beam n Read products. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for Beam n Read, we ask that you complete this form. We hope to select our Ambassadors for 2017 by early June.

You can find Beam n Read at:

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Current/Previous Ambassador Experience: Please share names of any companies, as well as clarification if you have previously vs currently been an Ambassador for them.
Can you share any ideas you have for creating fun events for Beam n Read Ambassadors with blog events that help drive traffic to their sites, increase awareness of Beam n Read personal lights?
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As appropriate, please describe how you have used, or would use, a Beam n Read Light on a basis, as well as your thoughts for an innovative way of using such a light:
What type of activities do you enjoy doing where you might need more light?
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