Martial Arts and Tactical Training Yard Police Academy and Military Boot Camp Prep Class Application
This is the application to participate in our prep course.
Street Address
Zip Code
Date of Birth
Emergency Contact
NOTE: If you plan on purchasing ammo from us, please email at least 2 WEEKS prior to the class date so that we can have the proper amount and caliber available for you.
I have email a copy of my current driver's license or US passport AND either a copy of my CCW permit or a statement of no criminal history from a local law enforcement agency.
Terms and Conditions: BY SIGNING THIS APPLICATION, I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING: That the credentials enclosed meet the requirements as outlined by Martial Arts and Tactical Yard, and that I must positively identify myself as the same person certified in the credentials for enrollment.That Martial Arts and Tactical Yard operation depends upon the careful control of deadly weapons by each participant; therefore, I understand that my instruction may be terminated at any time during the course if my conduct is not deemed satisfactory at the sole discretion of the staff. That I will abide meticulously by any and all safety procedures required Martial Arts and Tactical Yard and it's affiliates. That I indemnify Martial Arts and Tactical Yard from liability for any injury which I may cause another during the course of the training program. I agree to release and hold harmless Martial Arts and Tactical Yard and it's affiliates for any and all injury that may occur to me in the course of training which is conducted with reasonable regard for safety. If I am found by staff to perform any unsafe act or vary from the safety regulations explained by Martial Arts and Tactical Yard, I agree to immediately make my weapon safe and leave the establishment. I acknowledge that the unsafe actions of any participant may put myself, staff or other participants in danger and I agree that the split-second application of physical force by staff towards a participant may be reasonable and necessary to prevent great bodily injury or death.I will be at least 18 years of age at the time of my class OR will be accompanied by my parent or guardian.CANCELLATION POLICY: I understand that if class is cancelled, my tuition is fully refundable. If I cancel at least 60 days prior to the first day of class, 1/2 of my tuition is refundable OR the full tuition can be applied to hold another available class. If I cancel with less than 45 days before the first day of class, my tuition is totally NON-REFUNDABLE. *
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